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Muntons Maltings, Bridlington

A Dallol Energy Project, funded by Roundwood Energy for Muntons.

Project Overview

Muntons PLC approached Dallol seeking a funded option to decarbonise the malt kilning process at their East Yorkshire maltings.  Previously fuelled by natural gas the process can now claim a 98% reduction in fuel carbon used to heat the hot water used in the malting process.  The plant runs entirely on forest residue and arboriculture arisings, in other words low value biomass, which is entirely imported to the site.  Muntons buys heat ‘through the wall’ as a P&L utility expense, except unlike before, it now has a longer term certainty of energy price via long term contract.

Dallol took the design brief and delivered a turn-key project in its entirety, including provision of the funding partner.

Although the original funder has now sold on the asset to a new investor, Dallol are still retained to operate and maintain the plant.  Our track record speaks for itself and we boast a two year plant availability of 99.4% of design maximum.

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