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On-line Boiler Efficiency Maintenance

Reduce boiler and economiser fouling and improve plant availability

Through a JV company, Dallol have negotiated a distribution license agreement with the developers of an in-service post combustion boiler (not a fuel additive) that is proven across many industrial boiler types to either; keep a clean boiler cleaner longer, or clean a dirty boiler. Often with staggering results.   

Not limited to biomass applications, in fact the additive works best where much dirtier fuels are being combusted. Applications include but are not limited to:

Energy from Waste*

Large utility power coal boilers

Oil fired boilers


Chemical refining

Marine boilers

Dallol have also invested in proprietary software that allows boiler operators to track combustion efficiency improvements real-time using an algorithm rather than expensive third party periodic testing. 

*Although fuel efficiency is not perhaps top of a gate-fee driven EFW plant’s agenda, for most plants now, fuel is a cost.  The reduction of system downtime cause by boiler and economiser fouling certainly is.  If like many, your plant is plagued by lack of availability and you have tried all the other in-service solutions.  Don’t go ballistic.  Get in touch.

If you would like a free consultation that may lead to a free trial to prove it works (ie. if we believe we can help) then contact  efficiency@dallol.co.uk


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