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Biomass Waste to Energy

Want to make your by-product work for your business?

Disposing of biomass by-product or waste can be costly. Dallol’s energy systems could tap into the potential energy locked in this valuable resource and help create a circular economy which may also reduce your Scope 3 carbon emissions

From industrial biomass waste to safe industrial energy

Our high performance biomass waste to energy systems will transform how your business generates process steam, hot water and energy. Each system is designed specifically for the fuel it will burn to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability sustainability and at no threat to local air quality.

Partner for performance

We work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of waste to energy systems, including Agro Forst. These partnerships enable us to source reliable, high-performance components and equipment so we can deliver state-of-the-art waste to energy solutions for our clients.

Expert project delivery from day one

In addition to standalone equipment supply, we can undertake full turnkey project delivery – expertly managing every aspect of your biomass waste to energy system. We’ll oversee the design, planning, installation and maintenance of your system stage by stage, keeping you informed at all times.

Products & Services

Do you have a by-product that might provide some useful energy?

Talk to us today and find out if biomass could work for your project.

Here’s what our biomass waste to energy service includes:

Precision-engineered equipment

Reliable, efficient equipment with a long service life, sourced from world-leading manufacturers

The right solution

A built-to-order biomass waste to energy system tailored to meet your business’ capacity, waste production, application and process energy requirements

Value for money

Manufacturer pricing on all equipment, and value for money on turnkey project delivery.

A proven track record

The Dallol team has been delivering biomass waste to energy projects for almost two decades - sawmill residues, forest residues, draff, spent grain - the list of potential fuel sources is wide and ever growing.

Can we help?

Talk to us today and find out if biomass could work for your project.  

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