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Community District Heating & CHP

Want to heat multiple buildings from a central source?

If you need to provide heat or heat and power to new developments or large sites with a heat network, a centralised biomass energy centre could be the answer.

Biomass district heating and combined heat and power (CHP) systems have been widely used across Europe for decades. And now Dallol Energy is bringing the technology, systems and expertise in the UK. New funding is becoming available for heat networks so now is a good time to start to look at a project. 

A biomass district heating system from Dallol is ideal for business, community and multi-use facilities, particularly in rural and remote areas where utility connections can be difficult.

Where is our longest running plant?  We built the energy centre that powers the Wick district heating system and the Old Poultney Distillery back in 2015.  The heat network had previously been installed by others awaiting the commissioning of an ultimately scrapped gasification plant.  We stepped in with conventional biomass which has successfully run both the distillery and the (now) 200+ home, hospital and Assembly Rooms heat network ever since (although the whole system has been operated by others since then).  



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We offer a holistic approach to solving our clients’ energy problems. That means our turnkey service for providing centralised biomass heating systems includes: 

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