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Two decades of combustion project experience

Are you under pressure to reduce carbon from:

Or all of them. There has probably never been a better time to consider the only real, viable and sustainable option to decarbonise your process heat use and it is one that is available now.

How your business can benefit

If your process heat use is greater than 3500 hours a year and around a 2MW thermal input or higher, Dallol can assist you to make a significant reduction in carbon emission and move your business much closer to Net Zero and beyond.
Our biomass systems use boilers from Agro Forst, one of the world’s leading biomass boiler manufacturers. They can run on ‘low-quality’ biomass or even some process by-products and therefore don’t need expensive ‘white wood-chip’ or pellet fuel. 
You may have an existing biomass boiler that is nearing the end of its service life or never really fit for purpose, and you may even have an RHI accreditation. Dallol can provide a rock solid replacement that will quickly pay for itself and this time last the course.
Dallol develop successful projects because we aren’t boiler salesmen.  There is just so much more to it than that.
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Biomass Energy

Disposing of biomass waste can be costly. Dallol’s waste to energy systems could tap into the potential energy locked in this valuable resource.

Community District Heating

If you need to provide heat and power to new developments or large sites with a heat network, a single centralised biomass boiler could be the answer.

Operation and Maintenance

We are more than happy to provide anything from a long term fully managed O&M service to a shorter term iterative operational handover.
Agroforst Boilers

Fuel Procurement

From the management and negotiation of external contracts to in-house ‘forest to walking floor’ fuel provision, Dallol can either provide fuel procurement services or simply advise on how to procure fuel from others.

On-line boiler maintenance

Reduce boiler fouling and the energy ‘lost’ to soot blowing.

Why biomass?

Sustainable, cheap renewable heat and energy

Within three to five years, your purpose-built biomass boiler from Dallol will have paid for itself and, with RHI payments potentially still on offer, (we can explain) now is the time to take action.

All the power you need

We provide biomass boiler systems for large energy-usage businesses

Dallol Muntons

Whether you want a biomass boiler supply-only or a turnkey project, the experts at Dallol can undertake every aspect including:

Project planning

System design

Board approval support

Fuel procurement support

Planning permission



Construction & civil engineering

Full mechanical and electrical project delivery

Ongoing maintenance

Why Dallol?

With almost two decades of combustion project experience

We do more than sell, project-manage, install and maintain biomass boilers – we deliver faultless and professional customer service which exceeds expectations, every time. 

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